Through a combination of dynamic meditation, spiritual practices, breathing techniques, body activations, meditational journeys, live in-class Activations, multimedia tools, dance and celebrations,   Khonda Dance is an ecstatic physical expression, a  tool of alignment that helps facilitate, accelerate and synergize body, mind and spirit, in order to celebrate a new awareness of wholeness and integration within the individual and the collective.   Khonda Dance is a place where Spiritual Revelation is available.

DYNAMIC  MEDITATION - We have basically taken countless of techniques and differentspiritual practices and simplified them into a new, straightforward, easy and innovative way of dynamic meditation. A practice designed in perfect timing for the fast paced 21st century individual of our society.

TRANSMISSIONS - Using leading-edge Hemispheric Technology to induce effective Brainwave Synchronization, the Transmissions are state-of-the-art meditational journeys design to help you start the process of awakening to your highest potential, as an unlimited spirit, having a human experience.

ACTIVATIONS - We have distilled and repackaged a wide range of different spiritual practices and tools to create a very high energy class that activates mind, body and spirit, with the intention of creating a space for experiential spiritual understanding.  Local classes will be delivered through an international network of certified Khonda dance instructors.

CELEBRATIONS The Celebrations are where all the aspects of Khonda Dance come together.  With the help of multimedia tools, sensory immersion experience, music, projected imagery, inspiring performance, art and dance, Khonda offers a space for spiritual revelation to occur!



Until now, the human race has partitioned its consciousness into discrete segments, both individually and collectively.  This compartmentalized and illusionary experience of separation from our natural wholeness of being has kept us functioning from the survivalist view-point, rather than from our natural state of Oneness, which creates connection, harmony, and synergy in co-creation. This emphasis on survival is one of the fundamental causes of conflict and strife between individuals, as well as the cause of war, pain and suffering upon our planet. 

Khonda Dance is an ecstatic, physical-expression-vehicle of alignment that facilitates, accelerates and synergizes body, mind and spirit, to celebrate a new awareness of wholeness and integration within the individual and its relation to the collective. 

Based on experiential learning, which is the process of extracting meaning from direct experience, Khonda Dance is a powerful, revelatory experience of transformation, that grounds into action many spiritual notions of personal and collective integration through the use of a combination of different experiential exercises, spiritual practices, meditation, music, dance and art expression.

Khonda Dance aims to transform the hedonistic view that society has toward the Electronic Dance Music entertainment industry (EDM) into an experience with a tremendously positive, transformational impact with real value to our society.

Khonda Dance is a new way of life, rooted in the fact that a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING REVOLUTION IS ALREADY HAPPENING. Khonda is bringing forth a radical transformation of human consciousness, ignited by a simple change of perspective: "Life is a Dream"; a perspective that reveals the fact that spiritual understanding is no longer a complicated and incomprehensible knowledge, reserved for just a few. Khonda Dance celebrates that this remembrance is an effortless, joyful awakening to who we truly are and the understanding of how this reality works. 

Khonda Dance is an invitation to function from a completely different Operational System(OPS).

Khonda will expose the limitations of the current "Survivalist OPS," which comes from the ego, based on separation, to offer the "Ecstatic Creator OPS", based on unity consciousness and conscious co-creation.



A "Spontaneous-Spiritual-Revelation" brings the sudden realization of our True Identity, affording a moment of crystal clarity, in which we allow ourselves to perceive that all paradoxes, all polarities, all dichotomies are blended and harmonized, and everything proceeds and emerges from the same, single source- the consciousness that I AM.

It's a moment of disclosure, where we truly understand the synchronicity of everything and how everything is All One. In an instant, our blindfold is removed, and we are presented with  the radiance of our whole being. As a result there is a shift in consciousness that is characterized by the purification of our separatist views and selfish ways. Our understanding and awareness are instantly expanded, and a transformation of the personality takes place.  This is what Khonda is all about!

Throughout history there have been many, different techniques developed to evoke such experiences. Meditation is the most common one, but this kind of revelation can happen spontaneously, in moments of great joy, luminous sense of belonging, ecstasy, deep appreciation or profound love.

The "Khonda Experience" is the validation of Spiritual Revelation in an entertainment environment; it is a spontaneous, unifying experience, happening right there on the dance floor.  The dancers will have a transformational experience that will greatly accelerate the awakening process of the individual as a Spirit, traveling in knowledge, born from experience, with a rippling effect to the rest of society.

Khonda Dance is the invitation to  "The Celebration of the Awakening of Human Consciousness".



Although the ultimate "Khonda Experience"  IS, indeed, an "Ecstatic Dance Revelatory Experience" at the peak of a musical journey, the applicability of this revelation and the perspective that comes with it, is what "BEING IN KHONDA" is all about.  Khonda is truly an invitation to live life to the fullest as we AWAKEN TO THE MAGIC OF LIFE.

Khonda brings all the pieces of the puzzle together and simplifies spirituality to make it easy for the individual to understand, accept, and assimilate the essence of their inherent divinity from the depth of their own inner experience and feeling, but, most importantly, Khonda makes this knowledge applicable in our fast-paced, action-oriented society.

The fundamental purpose behind Khonda Dance is to invite people to BE the person they desire themselves to be.

"BEING IN KHONDA" is AWAKENING to the joy of the journey found in every step along the way.

"BEING IN KHONDA" is acting on our highest excitement, our passion, who we truly are, to the best of our ability, and to learn to live our physical life to the fullest, in the knowingness that  this is exactly what will allow us to be of the greatest service to ourselves and everyone else. 

"BEING IN KHONDA" is not the embracing of a new religion or dogma to be followed. There is no church or no one to be worshipped, but who we naturally are.  Whatever our beingness and natural vibration represents; our excitement, our joy, our passions, our calling, who we truly are.  Our uniqueness is the only temple that we have to explore and conquer.

"BEING IN KHONDA" is engaging life fully as CONSCIOUS CREATORS, without any doubt or fear clouding the creativity and joy that arises when we are being our True Self and doing what we love with our life. It's about being constantly connected to the Essence of Life, by living and expressing who we truly are in everything we do, and abolishing the feeling of powerlessness when confronted with an "unpredictable universe" to which we are "a victim" or "subject to", in a world that we cannot control.

"BEING IN KHONDA" literally means being "in light" of having the tools and resources to handle all the energies about us in such a way that we add clarity, harmony, joy and light to everything we do and everything that surrounds us.  

"BEING IN KHONDA" is having the tool kit to navigate this reality in a powerful and gracious way.  Turning challenges into opportunities for growth and expansion,  FLOWING into the perfect orchestration that everything IS, reveling in it's synchronicity, while PLAYING as we manifest the life of our dreams.

"BEING IN KHONDA" is experiencing the joy of the journey by constantly walking in our purpose, always evolving towards the highest idea we can have of ourselves.



I AM Ready to Start my Journey!


The time has come for you to realize that waking up to physical reality, is the most joyful thing you can do, because physical reality is but an extension of the spirit that you are, of the consciousness that you are, of the dream that is being dreamt by your soul, right now... as YOU!

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