Embark on a 5 day/4 night Magical Journey of Transformation

Khonda Dance has been blessed with a new and innovative shamanic plant.  This spirit compound is 100% natural and it's ingested for advanced spiritual illumination with the potential of bringing to the surface all unprocessed emotions and trapped energies, illusion and beliefs that does not serve your spiritual growth.

Throughout the communion, your consciousness will be deliberately guided into an inner journey of soul connection, with the intention of gaining spiritual understanding from direct experience.  You will be able to witness the full spectrum of your multidimensional self as well as the high-frequency energy fields that make your being and are set up for you on this sacred ceremony ritual.  You can also experience direct body haling, regeneration and activations uniquely for your advancement.

There are also many other potentialities and possibilities that this communion can do for you, however, it is all reflective of the level of consciousness you are abiding at the moment.

Participants have attested, time and time again, that with just one session with this new spirit elixir, they accomplished more than with a whole program of normal western therapy.   

Discover Ancient Wisdom in Machu Picchu, Peru.

Immerse yourself in an adventure where we will explore the rich tapestry of ancient Inca traditions and partake in a 5 day sacred communion journey renowned for their potential to bring much healing, revelation and clarity of purpose. 
Coming 2024

Connect with Spirit, Body and Nature in Tulum, Mexico 

Surround yourself by a rich tapestry of ancient Inca traditions, spectacular nature and partake in a 5 day sacred communion adventure designed to explore our utmost connection to our physicality to free our spirit to deeper connections. 
Coming 2024