Juan De La Luna

Director of the global tour of "The Celebration of the Awakening of Human Consciousness", Peace Visionary, Dj and creator of Khonda Dance.


Kat McCall

Marketing professional with over 20+ years of experience in the field of integrated marketing, which covers all areas of the marketing life-cycle, including research, funnel creation, sales and support.


Munir Maluf

A successful, business owner that has exemplified the true entrepreneurial flair needed to own and manage business. He treats all employees with respect and relies on teamwork for success.


Kevin A. Walton

Stepping into his role as a spiritual leader, Kevin created and established "The Light Beings Community", a unifying space of oneness, healing and remembering.


Kike Roldan

Founder and CEO of "Speaker box Production", Kike has become a force of music, community, friendship and celebration in the dance industry of the city of Miami.


Kahill Head

Founder and creator of "SpiritIll", Kahill Head has become a pioneer and leader in the abolishing of old paradigms and the use of modern entertainment as a tool for spiritual celebration - A place where the spiritual revelation is available.


Michael Robins

As the author of "Awakening: 13 Steps to Love, Freedom, and Power", Michael has many years of experience on the spiritual path to deliver empowering knowledge that enables his clients to tap in to their unlimited potential.


Vince Bellitto

As founder of "Purpose & Power coaching", Vince is a life and online business and marketing coach, who helps people uncover, release and consciously express their full potential.


Claudia Aros

As a successful entrepreneur and owner of "Bagua Spiritual Center in Miami", Claudia brings a lifetime of experience in the healing arts to illuminate the path of the initiate.


Nicolas Hoyos

As CEO of "White Feather MGT" and Founder of "Baru Group LLC", Nicolas is responsible for the huge success stories of the iconic Miami nightspots "Macondo", "Baru Urbano", "Zoe" in South Beach and the new hot spot "El patio" in Wynwood, Miami.


Chia Ortegon

Founder of the Alchemy Art Village in Costa Rica, Chia is a multidimensional Artist and Creative Director, producer of a series of inter-active Community Art Performances, becoming an art catalyst for the awareness on how Art and Social evolution go hand in hand.  

Sebastian Solano

As co-founder of LIFE IN COLOR, Sebastian oversaw the brand's growth from a Florida college party, to eventually developing one of the biggest touring events in the world with a force generating over $100 million worth of revenue in more than 40 countries around the world.


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